K3 The Place To Be!

Upcoming Important Dates: 

Wednesday, April 17th- Kindergarten Open House 5:30-6:30

Wednesday May, 1st- Kindergarten Play-Down at Springhill Farm at 9:30 am in the Multi Use Room.





Hello K3 Families,


Please do not forget that this coming Wednesday, April 17, is our Kindergarten Open House. The room will be open to families from 5:30-6:30. Your child will be taking you on a guided tour of the classroom by referring to a map that we will create in class. They will also be sharing lots of work from the past few months with you. At the end of the evening, your child will be able to bring some of their shared work home with them. I know it will be an amazing evening! Hope to see everyone there!


On Monday, the children were able to watch the eclipse while wearing special glasses that our school ordered for us. They read an informational reader about the science behind this special event and even got to go to science lab and learn more about an eclipse! All in all, it was a fun and exciting way to return to learning after our spring break!


We started a unit on Farms and Farm Animals this week. The children learned about all the different responsibilities that farmers have in their daily lives and all the different kinds of farms there are. We painted our favorite farm animal, created colorful sunflowers, and are learning some fun poems about farm animals. We are learning a fun song about farm animals that we are creating a song book to go along with. All this new information and learning is a wonderful way to get ready for our Kindergarten Musical, Down on Springhill Farm!


We are excited to be getting ready for our Kindergarten musical, Down on Springhill Farm! The performance will be held on Wednesday, May 1st at 9:30 in our Springhill Multipurpose room. (the gym). The performance runs approximately 30 minutes. 


It will be a fun way for the children to share their knowledge of a Farm as a working community and tell about some of the animals that may be found on a farm. This is a very child centered production! The most stressful part is getting a parking spot on the day of the performance so please allow extra time for that. There will be no need for supplying a costume; we will provide them for you. We are encouraging your child to wear a white shirt and either jeans or jean overalls for the performance. If your child does not have any of these clothing items, no worries, just have them wear something plain. Each child will have a line or two to memorize in addition to learning all the songs. We will be practicing the lines each day in class, and we will be learning all the songs at school and in our music class each week. Please practice your child’s lines with them at home! Your child will need some help with this. Thanks in advance.


This will be an opportunity for your child to work towards a collective goal with their peers, develop confidence and poise, and be exposed to the experience of participating in a musical production! I know that it will prove to be a worthwhile and memorable endeavor for all!


If your child will not be at the performance, please let us know a.s.a.p! Look for your child’s lines attached to this paper! If you have any questions, please reach out.


In social and emotional learning this week we focused on the last Kimochis character, Cat. The character Cat can be bossy, curious, cranky  and sorry. She knows what she wants and is a wonderful group leader. She loves to be in charge, but often is a bit bossy. Please find a handout about Cat in your child’s Friday bag.

See everyone at Open House! -Meghann